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Podcast Series

What's a Grateful Dead Listening Guide without the music?

About a year after starting the Guide, the podcast series was born. Hoping to supply a musical backdrop to all the reading material on the site, the podcast series provides a hand held walk through many of the shows featured on the site, and many not on the site.

With commentary provided by the Grateful Dead Listening Guide's host, each podcast focuses on something a little unique. They can be listened to in order, or randomly. There's is no prescribed way to begin the journey.

Listening options make it incredibly easy to get your ears in front of the podcasts. A full run down on the multiple listening options, including iTunes RSS subscription instruction, is a highly recommended read here:

DeadListening Podcast HOW-TO Guide - iTunes, downloading, and more! (please read)

Podcast Episodes:

001-Audience Appreciation
Listening Session 001: A guided tour through spectacular audience recordings and memorable musical moments of the Grateful Dead...

002-Golden Rings & Secret Spaces
Listening Session 002: Visiting some classic well known musical moments as well as some more obscure gems from the history of Grateful Dead live recordings...

003-The Jingle Bell Rainbow
Listening Session 003: Stepping directly into the Dead's magical fire for some hallmark vehicles of intense psychedelic wizardry from the history of Grateful Dead live recordings...

004-Call Of The Wall
Listening Session 004: A tribute to the Grateful Dead's historic 1974 sound system, the Wall Of Sound, featuring fantastic audience recordings which preserved the experience...

005-Into The 80s
Listening Session 005: Exploring the sometimes under-appreciated early 1980s output of the Grateful Dead in excellent audience recordings...

006-A Grateful Effervescence
Listening Session 006: Examining the Grateful Dead's hard to pin down underlying theme of uplifting joyfulness. Hear how it was often more than psychedelic improvisation which defined this “band beyond description.”

007-Jerry Band
Listening Session 007: Focusing on Jerry Garcia's solo work outside of the Grateful Dead across the years...

008-On Down The Less Traveled Road
Listening Session 008: Exploring some shows you might not otherwise think about in an effort to discover more hidden gems across the vast history of Grateful Dead concert recordings.

009-A Leaf Of All Colors
Listening Session 009: Launching into the deep end of the Grateful Dead's psychedelic universe to enjoy a journey through some mesmerizing and hypnotic musical landscapes.

010-In The Days Between
Listening Session 010: Enjoying standout birthday moments across Grateful Dead history during the annual honoring of Jerry Garcia in the days between his coming and going.

011-Playin’ in the Playin’
More interwoven adventures through the wonderland of Grateful Dead live music.

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