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Thursday, September 27, 2012

GDLG-011 - Playin’ in the Playin’

Listening Session 011: More interwoven adventures through the wonderland of Grateful Dead live music.



  1. Awesome mashup! Glad to see you bring out a new edition to the podcast and I hope we hear more from you soon! :D

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable, as always. Thank you!

  3. Great to have another podcast!
    And a good one to boot.

  4. Wow, that was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. I put it on while I was doing the dishes to make it go by faster and so I wouldn't have to fiddle with finding a show that fit my mood (because you always have great recommendations, so I trusted you) and now that I just finished, I am blown away. What a great mash-up. Thanks for providing these. I love your blog and this is just the cherry on top!

  5. That’s a great podcast and I really love it.

  6. This is my first listen to the podcast series, and I've found it deeply gratifying. You've done a remarkable job in providing a seamless journey with enough twists and turns to keep me engaged and anticipating what's around the corner. Well done! Looking forward to checking out the back catalog. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

  7. Podcast at its best...well satisfying indeed.

  8. Love your podcasts...during an age of soundboards on CD's it's nice to hear audience tapes again. Ever re-visit 6.4.78 in Santa Barbara? it's amazing...a Red Rocks sound

  9. Supburb!! lovely love your podcasts keep em coming :)

  10. Love all your podcasts. Thanks for all your hard work.


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