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Saturday, August 7, 2010

GDLG-010 - In The Days Between

Listening Session 010: Enjoying standout birthday moments across Grateful Dead history during the annual honoring of Jerry Garcia in the days between his coming and going.


  1. Thanks, I'm really enjoying this.

  2. August is always a hard month for me, but remembering Jerry like this is just the pick-up I needed.


  3. I'm hesitant to say it, but, I have reached acceptance of his passing and have used this day as a day of remembering and honoring. I just want to thank all of those who have made the GDLG possible. What is really some delicious "icing on the cake" for me is that I had discovered the 09-19-90 MSG AUD yesterday, so I have really been "feasting". Thanks again for being a part in keeping the spirit of all that has happened pertaining to the LIFE of Jerry Garcia alive and well...

  4. Thanks very much. On behalf of "all of those who have made the GDLG possible" - just me, really, but cool that it looks like the work of more - we (I) appreciate your kind words. :-)

  5. Noah, you deserve to be addressed in 'pluralis maiestatis' for the majestic work you have done. Thank you
    The Italian Head

  6. Thank you very much for your wonderful writing and compilations. Would you consider posting a listing of the elements of the Listening Guides. Just as a way to point folks in new directions. Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure I fully understand what you are asking for in "a listing of the elements of the Listening Guides" which isn't already addressed in the Label Cloud or Listening Trails, but I very much want to help make the site as user friendly as possible. Could you explain that a bit more for me? Thanks.

  8. For years I've been trying to really 'get' the Dead. I knew I ought to like them, as everything I read made them sound perfect for my musical (and lifestyle) tastes. But being English, I grew up listening to our versions of psychedelia, and somehow when I gave the Dead a go it never really worked for me - I'd try listening to them every now and again, but was never lifted up by the music in the way I had hoped for.

    But, in no small part due to this site and your podcasts, it's suddenly clicked; the scales have fallen from my eyes; it all makes ever-so perfect sense. Why didn't this happen before - who knows? But what's important is that I'm loving every minute, am like a kid in a candy shop with all the music yet to be listened to and, although I'm late to the party, intend to make up for lost time.


  9. Thank you for making this, I just finished listening to the Scarlett/Fire, perfect sound and Jerry is rippin' it up! Love it!


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