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Sunday, February 28, 2010

GDLG-009 - A Leaf Of All Colors

Listening Session 009: Launching into the deep end of the Grateful Dead's psychedelic universe to enjoy a journey through some mesmerizing and hypnotic musical landscapes.


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  2. grateful for this interpretation of the dead experience. nicely done....very kind!!

  3. I am just listening to your rap at the top of the podcast, and I approve heartily already! I do a weekly radio show on KBGA in Missoula, MT, and use GD space sections all the time as stand alone pieces or segues. Can't wait to get at this podcast, man! Thanks

  4. YES, YES, YES! from Italiahead

  5. ...and have listened twice through. THIS is my favorite of the series. MORE SPACE, please! And what is that strange, obviously "didn't-stay-in-the-repertoire-long" song stuck in there... sounds 67-ish?

  6. Glad you like it Larry. I think you must be referring to the "Clementine" from 01/26/69. Came out of that Wheel jam, and slid into Dancin'?

  7. It was Clementine. Somehow after all those shows and all these years, I have never heard or heard of that song. Strange. Anyway, thanks again.

  8. I just want to thank you for this podcast because I really enjoyed it. Absolutely awesome.

  9. Tremendous!
    Thanks for the labor of love

  10. Thank you!
    Was a little reticent at the outset and even now feel a little strange critiquing this labor of love. Hugely successful on many levels. Loved the New Potato > Rider as well as the Wheel > Clementine which were not just segues but cool reference point(s) to the similarities between the songs. High points along the way were the Dancin’ jam and, of course, the 10.12.68 finale! Thanks for giving us the New Potato (finally!)
    Having said all that – I would like to see this kind of mash-up / collage format as an addendum to or separate from the Listening Guide Podcast formula to date. First – it is a huge amount to digest and requires a specific set and setting from the listener, second – I simply dig the heck out of the thematic shows/podcasts!
    Could 10-12 actually have been an audience recording? The presence during the drums/jam, even using off the rack earbuds was incredible!

  11. Charlie,

    Thanks for your comments. The NPC tease > Rider is one of my favorite bits. And displaying the connective underpinnings between songs was a strong subplot (much like it is from time to time on the blog itself).

    You are spot on about the requirements needed for full digestion. And I agree that this is better seen as a side-trip format of sorts.

    10/12/68 is the SBD. But it's pretty cool that your ear has a high enough appreciation for how good AUDs can be that it was willing to at least be conflicted over the source of that tape. :-)

    More than half of recordings used in the podcast are indeed from AUDs, as you might expect coming from me.

  12. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast! What a mix of old/new, etc., etc. oh heck, you know why is sounds so good!

    I must agree that this is a unique sort of podcast and perhaps does belong in a new "Side Trip" format. I have already played key parts for some friends and look forward to perhaps hearing more?!

    Part of the fun is picking out the subtle teases and movements the band does that were almost guideposts within a show that hinted at segues, tempo changes, or what have you. Taking these moments and recreating a whole new listening experience has been great to listen to! Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next installment!

  13. This is awesome! A great trip, no doubt.

    What is that first live recording of? Is that 10.12.68 from the past comments?

  14. Well, obviously "first recording" can be a little complicated when talking about the opening, but here's how it lays out.

    The very very first thing heard is the opening of the 06/23/74 AUD. On top of comes the Feedback/Space from 5/17/78 AUD and 5/18/68 AUD. Over that comes 10/12/68 SBD, and within about 60 seconds all that is left is 5/17/78's Space which goes all the way to its transition into Terrapin, and, well, you get the picture.

  15. This is a tremendous bit of artistry here! Great work on the most fascinating part of all Dead shows. These are the complex and mysterious parts of the music that keeps us coming back for more - for years!

    I would love a map of how you constructed this. Reminds me of how David Gans constructs the opening to the Grateful Dead Hour.

  16. Really great episode.

    I hope this is the first of many in a similar format...

  17. Love the starting space sooooo trippy. The last two dark stars showing how jerry can shred and completely flow into a new dimension are prime examples of why the Dead are so great. Teared up a bit when Brokedown Palace came through the chaos it was too perfect.

  18. Fantastic set. I thought I was sated – and then 10/12/68 arrived like the mothership coming in for a long, slow landing and I knew I was in it for the long haul.

  19. Great Job. I've always loved stuff like this, Infrared Roses and especially Grayfolded. There are few other things out there to be had that are similar to this done by fans. I've always thought the Dead's music to be mailable and one long continuum. I think they approached music the same way. One long bus ride. Thanks.

  20. Phenomenal. I am 15 minutes in and could not help but post a comment. I love these wide open sessions the Dead used to get into and really appreciate the creativeness of weaving this podcast together. Though I can imagine the challenge of assembling this podcast, I have to imagine it was a total blast for you!

  21. I LOVED the way you did this session, instead of talking periodically through.

    And this is your BEST session musically speaking. You should have included a 1974 "Seastones" though. :)


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