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Friday, January 22, 2010

Under Eternity Blue - Country Rock Roots

The seventh installment of the Under Eternity Blue radio program hits the Internet airwaves this weekend on Spirit Plants Radio with two show times: Saturday, January 23rd at 7pm PST and Sunday, January 24th at 10am PST.

This episode will dig into Country Rock Roots. Focusing mainly on the late 60s, we will trace a bit of Country Rock's birth as many Psychedelic Rock artists embraced a world of simple structures and traditional instruments launching themselves into a whole new world of heartfelt musical expression.

In addition to the weekend airings, this episode will be added to the Under Eternity Blue podcast series and if you are subscribed, you will find this broadcast appearing as a new podcast download. Information for subscribing can be found at the Under Eternity Blue Music site itself.

Spirit Plants Radio
Under Eternity Blue with DJ Arkstar
Saturday, January 23rd: 7pm PST
Sunday, January 24th: 10am PST

The full weekend line up (11am PST Saturday - 11pm PST Sunday) is listed on the Spirit Plants Radio page above.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. This is the first time I've listened to Under Eternity Blue and I really enjoyed the tunes, especially from bands I've only vaguely heard about but never really listened to--I thought, I guess, your show would be like listening to Gram Parson's-like tunes (no disrespect) and I was fearful of the twang.
    It wasn't like that at all--it had a really warm vibe to it and an hour was just about perfect.
    Thank you.


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