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Friday, January 8, 2010

GDLG-008 - On Down The Less Traveled Road

Listening Session 008: Exploring some shows you might not otherwise think about in an effort to discover more hidden gems across the vast history of Grateful Dead concert recordings.


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  2. I haven't listened to this yet --cause I'm downloading right now --so I can't say how it is; but it doesn't matter cause I know it will be great.
    Thank you

  3. Ha! Ignorance is bliss. Who could ask for more pure praise? Thanks, I hope you like it as much as you like it already. :-)

  4. Excellent choice on the 9/1/79 Scarlet/Fire. Fall 79 is one of the best eras for Garcia lovers, and this one is certainly a great example. I note that Jerry had only been playing 'Tiger', his new Doug Irwin guitar, for about 2-3 weeks and you can really hear it's distinct style coming through quite clearly on the recording.

  5. Another great one, icepetal! You have made me a believer in audience recordings. I used to lust for soundboards - no more!

  6. Really outdid yourself on this one. Best podcast yet!

    The '73 excerpt is simply staggering and the '79 bit has me reaching for more examples from the year.

    Thank you for your insight...

  7. hi,
    just wondering if you would consider a post featuring your favorite GD ENCORES. How many did they do? Some oddities in there, and some exceptional versions of day-to-day material as well, might be worth visiting. Love your stuff. Keep up

  8. Thanks Noah, I think this may be your best yet!


  9. All, thank you so very much.

    Jimbo, I'll consider the encore post idea. We certainly got a few interesting twists and turns along the way.

  10. Wow. Thanks, man. I am REALLY enjoying your podcasts on many levels. Your delivery has gotten very natural and flowing, like a good friend turning you on to some good shit. I got on the bus in the late '80's and never got off...your selections and commentary enlighten and enliven my experience. Many Island Mahalos and thanks again for the great work....Love & Aloha, Noa

  11. Wow... These podcasts take me back to my early days of trading (1980-2) when the biggest fun and suprise would be the tasty nuggets that my tradinig partners would secretly stash at the end the 90 minute XLIIS as "FILLER".. sometimes labeled, sometimes not! These podcasts take me back and remind me of those days BUT only better because NOAH is so hugely talented and in tune with the most tasty of nuggets that came out of the GD/JGB music scene that thse podcasts blow away anything I have heard compiled before (with all due respect to David Gans and David Lemieuex who do a great job as well)... Thank you and keep us the great work...

  12. Encores podcast.. that sounds like a somewhat difficult challenge although I am sure Noah is up to the challenge... Years ago, I tried do compile a Country Dead for a friend who plays in a country band and while he was familiar with the Dead.. not really in tune with them.. it was alot of fun trying to capture the greatness of the Dead in a much simpler musical context of country... I am sure Noah could do a much better job than myself...

  13. Bill, thanks for those very kind words. Really glad you're enjoying these.


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