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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Under Eternity Blue - Late 60's Jazz

The fifth installment of the Under Eternity Blue radio program hits the Internet airwaves this weekend with three show times: Saturday, September 26th at 7pm PST, and Sunday, September 27th at 7am PST and 1pm PST.

This episode will explore a somewhat forgotten period of Jazz from the last half of the 1960's. Not the "electric Jazz" of Miles Davis, nor the sometimes intense and atonal "free Jazz" that was taking place; this is more a compelling expansion of traditional jazz as it became infused with the psychedelic energy of the day. Overall, it comes off as a more open and freely lyrical form of Jazz.

After this weekend's airings, this episode will be added to the Under Eternity Blue podcast series and if you are subscribed, you will find this broadcast appearing as a new podcast download then. Information for subscribing can be found at the Under Eternity Blue Music site.

Spirit Plants Radio
Under Eternity Blue with DJ Arkstar
Saturday, September 26th: 7pm PST
Sunday, September 27th: 7am PST & 1pm PST

The full weekend line up (11am PST Saturday - 11pm PST Sunday) is listed on the Spirit Plants Radio page above.


  1. this is my favorite Podcast- awesome- please make weekly if possible- the music is so tasty- a real treat! thanks so much!!

  2. This is fantastic again. I can't stop listening to this podcast! You've really put your finger on a sensibility that is hard to define, and that I've been trying, myself, to crystallize -- a musical era in which the flute and vibes briefly nudge the sax and piano aside. I, myself, have approached this sensibility through Charles Lloyd on the more traditional end and later Grant Green on the funky side (check out "Cease the Bombing"). I would even put the intense hard-to-define psychedelic jazz-rock of the "Third"-era Soft Machine into the mix. However, you again have opened up all sorts of new artists for me, and for that I am deeply grateful. I share with you a love of the loose, intimate, and groovy vibe of late sixties jazz. I will continue to play this one over and over.

  3. Thanks Dr. B and Squash. Love that this is scratching a deep itch. I'll keep producing these as quickly as I can. Weekly might be a bit of a stretch. :-)


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