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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under Eternity Blue - Psychedelic Folk

The next installment of Under Eternity Blue hits the airwaves this weekend. For those that don't know, I started a podcast side project for an online radio station (Spirit Plants Radio) a couple of months ago. Loosely structured, Under Eternity Blue explores other music that I find meaningful and satisfying - I do spend 80% or more of my time not listening to the Grateful Dead after all.

This episode focuses on the Psychedelic Folk genre. It's an easy call that most Grateful Dead fans will find plenty of inroads to this particular installment, and perhaps I'll turn you on to something you hadn't heard before.

Spirit Plants Radio
streaming live:
Under Eternity Blue with DJ Arkstar
Saturday, June 20th: 6pm – 7pm PST
Sunday, June 21st: 6am – 7am PST & 4pm – 5pm PST

The full weekend line up (11am PST Saturday - 11pm PST Sunday) is listed on the Spirit Plants Radio page above. If you can’t tune in live, all shows become listenable via archive streaming after the show ends Sunday night.


  1. Do you plan on creating an RSS feed for this podcast so people can subscribe to it through iTunes. It sounds like a podcast I would be really interested in, but it would be helpful if there were an RSS feed for this podcast. Thanks.

  2. I will create one. I just needed to give it a little time to see if this side project really got some legs. Stay tuned.

  3. Until I get the podcast RSS up for this stuff, you can enjoy this show at your leisure streaming on the archive here: Under Eternity Blue-002: Psychedelic Folk

  4. yes, Peter Walker is the man and still being productive today- qualifies for a whole show maybe?!

    thanks much


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