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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Grateful Dead - Winterland - December 31, 1972

A very happy new year to all readers of the GDLG! I thought it wise to get a post in here now to alert you to an upcoming enhancement to the Listening Guide, as it is this enhancement that has caused a bit of a delay in my getting anything posted since just before Christmas.

I’ve decided to have a go at adding podcasts to the mix here. I think they will lend a very handy and personal level of musical sharing to the show review format we’ve followed throughout 2008. This is what I’ve been busying myself with over the holiday season. The last two weeks have seen the most activity on this end, and it has taken away a fair amount of the time I’d otherwise be devoting to writing reviews. I think I’m very very close to being able to post my first podcast to the blog, as I’m trying to push my learning curve as quickly as possible while attempting to do this podcast thing (and the associated feed settings thing) right the first time.

I’ve already completed production of the first episode, a two hour listening session where I’m essentially treating things as if I’m having you over to my house for an afternoon of Dead tape enjoyment. I’ll continue working with this format as I produce more episodes. In these installments, we will jump from show to show listening to a highlight or two from different dates, all working around some sort of theme, or as I’ve found, multiple themes. I’ll talk between the musical bits trying to add color with history, stories, and otherwise anecdotal information. My hope is that these will make for at least mildly entertaining listening, opening folks up directly to special musical moments and memories covered on these pages. Whether you’ve heard every show I’ve reviewed on the blog, or are new and looking for some fun direction, I warmly invite you all to pull up a comfortable chair and join me as I put together some musical adventures.

I don’t know that I’ll do much more than one episode a month (production is rather involved and time consuming), as I don’t want to slack off too far on show reviews. So, thanks for your patience. More to come soon…


  1. Yes, yes,yes!

    I am standing and bowing to you, Noah. Waiting for the first episode to be posted

    The Italian Head

  2. Unless I'm out of the loop, is it possible to put these episodes up on iTunes for automatic downloading?

  3. great idea, man! i really enjoy reading the guide via rss and i can't wait to hear your podcast.

  4. Just wanted to give a quick thanks for all your work in providing the great reviews. Through your reviews, I've found some hidden gems (especially the early 80s auds) that I otherwise might have skipped over. Best of luck with the podcasts - certainly hope it works out.

  5. Thanks, all. It should be fun.

    Natan, yes, the podcast feed should be picked up by iTunes so you can subscribe there (I'll be submitting the feed to iTunes right after I post episode 1).

    But the blog post here will also provide you a link directly to the episode's mp3 file as well. So, you can get it in a couple of ways.

    It will also come through the feed into GoogleReader (etc..).

  6. Awesome. I'm a relative newbie to the Dead (having only been listening for 15 years (!?!), but have found that many of the auds your posting have been long favorites of my own as well. I've enjoyed your survey tremendously, so your podcast is even more fun. Thanks for bringing lighter times with good music.


  7. This is a great development. Noah's got a voice that's perfect for blogging and a face that's made for radio! ;-P

    But seriously, I really look forward to subscribing to this!!

  8. Happy New Year to you too. I'm excited about the podcast -- a guided afternoon of Dead tape enjoyment sounds like a blast!

    Thanks for all the work you put into this blog. I've found some great new gems, enjoyed your anecdotes about the tapers who were responsible, and enjoyed your reviews on oldies that I've loved for a while. Here's to a great 2009!


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