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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Live On The Dead

A number of years ago, David Gans interviewed me on his Grateful Dead Hour radio show, asking me to talk about audience tapes, and the Wall of Sound in particular. We played and talked about the Dillon Stadium 1974 AUD, one of my favorite tapes (just waiting in the wings for an upcoming review here). Well, my luck continues..

I figured that most of the GDLG readership would be interested in knowing that their trusty DeadListening tour guide, icepetal, is going to be featured on the radio this weekend. I was invited to appear on “Bring Out Your Dead,” the weekly Psychedelic/Dead-based 2 hour radio show that broadcasts on East Village Radio, a live 24/7 streaming radio station based in New York City. The show airs each week in the late night hours each Saturday (okay, very early Sunday morning) from 2AM – 4AM EST. And fear not, they also provide podcasts of all shows, so you can download, or even subscribe (as I do) via iTunes or your favorite player and listen whenever you want.

This week’s show will feature Grateful Dead music that I handpicked for the evening, and a mid-broadcast interview with the show’s weekly host, Jeff Conklin. We pre-recorded the show last night. In the interview Jeff asked me about how I got started down the path of collecting shows and transferring masters in the late 90’s, the history of, and Dead shows in general. You can hear why I generally prefer writing over speaking as I rewrite history, misrepresent old tapers I’ve known, and cloud the facts for a good 15 minutes or more on the air. A great time was had by all! :-)

You can check out the upcoming play list for this weekend’s show (September 20, 2008), and get set up for the podcast at the Bring Out Your Dead home page. The podcast will be available as quickly as 10 minutes after the show finishes up at 4AM, Sunday morning.

Happy DeadListening!

Direct Link To 09/20/08 Bring Out Your Dead Podcast (Dead Link)
[09/20/08 interview only download]


  1. kewl. I'll be interested in hearing the podcast.

  2. You have an awesome blog here - over the years I've traded many tapes, then CDS and now busy downloading like an idiot! Following your recommendations I'm going to dig out some of the old shows and listen with a new perspective. I've just done a post over at my place. Keep up the excellent work

  3. Noah,

    thanks again for making me discover another source of GD music. Ah the power of radio podcast. I am in Rome and I have instant access to all these goodies.

    Now, a question; in which show Drak Star was played for the last time. (by now you may know that I ma obsessed by this song).


  4. Mauro, Your new best friend: It has a handy searchable database. And while it seems it was last updated in 2002, it is still very useful. Using it, I can tell you that there were 37 Dark Stars after it's return on 10/09/89, the last one on 03/30/94.

    Also of use can be the more up to date

  5. Noah,
    Many thank


  6. I'm proud to be a friend and a fan. Thanks for highlighting a course through the maze of Dead music through the years! Looking forward to hearing the interview!


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