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Sunday, March 16, 2008

1969 May 3 - Winterland Arena

Saturday, May 3, 1969
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
Audience Recording

1969 was an altogether epic year for the Grateful Dead. Baring just a few, virtually all shows will deliver smiles.
While there aren’t necessarily piles of fantastic audience recordings from this year, there are a few nice ones. And deciding to stick with my AUD tape theme makes it a whole lot easier to pick a first stop in ’69.

5/3/69 might not go down as the greatest 1969 show in history. A lot of the show wasn’t even recorded. But it could go down as one of the best AUD tapes ever. Most would agree that you have GOT to hear this tape. It was recorded from the lip of the stage, and while the vocals are distant since the mics were outside of the PA speaker field, what you end up with is a frighteningly clean AUD recording of the band. Ever wonder what it might have been like to be sitting on the stage during a Dead show? Here you go.

The quality of this tape eclipses the performance. But even so, the He Was A Friend Of Mine is absolutely gorgeous, and the Other One suite contains a good number of power packed peaks with Jerry’s solos leaping into the air, careening on angles not found in our simple three dimensional world.

There’s nothing to regret here aside from the fact that the tape runs out way too early in the show. Please avoid the use of heavy machinery while listening, and you might want to turn out the lights. This tape will suck you in pretty quickly.


  1. Icepetal - I don't believe that I would have stumbled across this gem if it were not for your Listening Guide. Thank You.

  2. Awesome find here! all the music seems bright and well balanced (and the correct speed, lol). This one has a clear translation of TC workin his magic.

    This was recorded at stage lip, and so will not always get the best pick up of vocals, but this recording is incredible. Just bummed that it's only half of the set.

    Thanks for putting this one in the listening guide!

  3. This is an amazing recording and performanace, Too bad the rest isn't available


  4. The perfect aud. "Hey Jerry! Play over here!" a guy in the audience says.... Nuff said.

  5. What a great sound! Are the podcasts available on i tunes?

  6. The podcast feed has been lost in the non-customer support wormhole of the iTunes store. I keep trying to get it submitted, but never hear back from iTunes. However you can still use iTues to subscribe (I do).

    On the menue bar just go to 'Advanced' >> 'Subscribe to Podcast' and enter the blog feed:

  7. thanx petal! I'm in now !!

  8. this day is my birthday and year....can anyone get me a copy of this


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