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Monday, February 18, 2008

1983 October 17 - Lake Placid

Jerry Garcia 1983GRATEFUL DEAD
Monday, October 17, 1983
Olympic Center - Lake Placid, NY
Audience Recording

It was just a couple entries ago that I made a passing reference to the potential power of first sets in the 80's. One of the coolest things about the early 80's was just this fact - sometimes things could happen in set one that made you feel like the entire show was one long second set. I figured a nice first stop into 1983 for this blog, and a prime example of this early 80's tendency, would be the night of 10/17/83. Legend has it that this one a rough venue to tape in due to security (we were still a year away from a dedicated Taper's Section) and we are quite lucky to have such great documentation. Deemed "Lake Acid," this venue conjures fond memories for East Coast heads who were there.

The Sugaree opener is certainly a smoker. It sort of creeps up on you. There’s a point in the jam where you are struck by the fact that Jerry is flying around your head at lightning speed. It puts a smile on you face and even makes you shake your head to think this is just the first song of the show. Nice. The band is dialed in.

The Bird Song makes you certain that time and space are evil pranksters on this evening because this song couldn’t possibly be part of the warm up set. A long version, clocking in at twelve and a half minutes, endlessly folding in and out on itself. It spirals and sparkles, burning with both intensity and delicacy. You could leave me here and throw away the keys. Then there’s the Hell In A Bucket>Deal set closer. This Bucket is young. It's bones are still soft as it is still finding form. It gives off the impression of a butterfly trying out its wings for the first time. Can I do this? Can I do that? What if I fly upside down? It’s loose and open, a very nice version. The Dead burns it up and brings the set to a fitting high point close.

These highlights alone make this a worthy stroll into 1983.

10/17/83 etree source info
10/17/83 AUD download


  1. Thanks for this site! truly awesome! It narrows down the mass that is the LMA. Audience GD tapes are what Inspire me to tape shows! I love it!

  2. Carl, Thanks for the comment. Warms my heart. More to come. Thanks for reading.

  3. re: ""Legend has it that this one a rough venue to tape in due to security (we were still a year away from a dedicated Taper's Section) and we are quite lucky to have such great documentation.""

    Not aware of any such legend. I was able to carry my gear inside with a gym bag. Set-up even with the SBD and saw no problems anywhere. Maybe, this venue just didn't have many tapers show up. I'd guess, in the NorthEast that month, this was by far the most inaccessible show to get to.

    The next nite over in Portland, ME was just as easy to access with taping gear, but there were many more tapers in attendance.

  4. There was magic all around here. The wheel with the interlocked hands circling around the venue. I have met people who where circling inevitably connected through hands and souls.
    Still the 1st set Friend and My Brother Esau were superb.

  5. I was on the floor peaking and I looked up and there was a human wheel circling me. I sold my first lot shirt that night. I wish they had done a Stephen.

  6. ok - I was there - first show - life changer ... 'nuf said - dont want to reveal my identity ;p

  7. I'm sitting here listening to a different and absolutely awesome sounding AUD recording of this show that I found because I was curious whether anyone these days is converting old analogue AUDs to digital at 24/96. Well, it looks like a taper named chasingwilma is doing so, and he or she was pretty talented at capturing the concert, and also is pretty talented at the conversion. The sound is just glorious, and one thing about it is that Phil comes through in a way that he just can't in 16/48--it's a true limitation of the medium. I don't think I've ever heard better, and it's also a great show.

    Wonder who Wilma was.

  8. I was at this show and indeed changed my life. Thou I saw no Stephen the Suagree n Deal make up for it. This is one of those show in 83' truly .....


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