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Saturday, February 23, 2008

1982 February 19 & 20 - Golden Hall, San Diego, CA

Grateful Dead 1982GRATEFUL DEAD
Friday & Saturday, February 19-20, 1982
Golden Hall - Convention and Performing Arts Center
San Diego, CA
Audience Recording

Proving once again that certain tapes from the early 80's have the ability to transport you right back into the energy and vibe of the era, Rango Keshavan's recordings of these two nights do just that. Attaching the mics to his hat (a pith helmet, as I recall), we are nestled directly within Rango's personal sound stage. This image only adds to the aura of the AUD tape experience.

He might not recall the trade, but in 1997 I found Rango's show list online, and these two dates were ones I had not seen anywhere else at all. And the set lists looked great. We traded on cassette (no I don't remember what I sent him) for these two nights along with his recordings from Ventura later in the same year. These February shows were among my first tapes from 1982 so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. All I knew is that after pouring though lots and lots of lists, the dates seemed to be coming out of a black hole in 1982. I knew these tapes would serve me well in future trades. The fact that the show performances themselves were equally rewarding was just icing on the cake.

You get a taste of just about everything over these two nights. A very nice sampling of what was great about 1982.

02/19/82 etree source info
02/19/82 AUD download

02/20/82 etree source info
02/20/82 AUD download

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  1. My first show. Is there anything else to say?


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