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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1970 November 8 - Capitol Theater

Grateful Dead 1970 Ohhhhhh 1970. Over the years I have gone on record saying that 1973 is my favorite year so many times, that I'd be a fool to try to and dispute what easy Googling could prove in a heartbeat (are the pages of DNC still indexed?). But, while '73 is my favorite year, the Dead's best year might well be 1970.

The problem with 1970 is that even with the classic and fantastic soundboard recordings (see Dick's Picks Vol 4 and Vol 8 as an easy start), huge portions of the year were not archived from the soundbard (Bear was in jail), and the vast collection of audience recordings from this year are challenging to the ear - some REALLY challenging.

Pigpen 1970Luckily for us, there were some tapers throughout the year that got things down on tape so well, it boggles the mind and ear with pleasure. We start with one of the very best. I had the extreme pleasure of editing together the final version of this recording after the master made its way into the digital sphere.

One look at the Electric set list, and a shiver goes up your spine. I could go on and on talking about song after song, but perhaps you can trust me enough to check out a show for free and know that if a total stranger is featuring on his just created blog it might pay you back for the effort. :-)

Also note the complete New Riders Of The Purple Sage set being included here. If you don't know, Jerry Garcia played Pedal Steel for the Riders from their dawn (mid-1969) through October 1971. I'll save my NRPS preaching for another time. For now, enjoy the trip through every minute of a classic, classic show from 1970.

There are a ton of version of this recording floating around. This one represents the highest quality and most complete product.

11/08/70 etree source info
11/08/70 AUD download

Audience Devotional Tree Round 27 - March, 2005


  1. my favorite show
    the dew defines the time

  2. maybe i'll see myself on the platform in a red fringed sweater~


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